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Cynic begins recording new album

Cynic have entered Perfect Sound studios in Hollywood, California to begin recording a new album!

About the new material, drummer Sean Reinert said: "This album marks CYNIC's 5th release. It's a bold new sound for CYNIC and marks a gigantic leap in the band's progression. We've had a lot of time to let this material develop and gestate, and it finally feels ready to be unleashed on the world. I've been in trio mode with Malone and Masvidal flushing out a zillion and one details, and couldn't be happier about what's happening with these songs. They are truly alive!"

Early working titles for tracks include: "Endlessly Bountiful", "Moon Heart Sun Head", and "True Hallucination Speak".

So I guess Malone is in the band but doesn't want to perform?

Can't wait.
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