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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Did you happen to see the statement they posted about how they don't appreciate moshing and shit like that at their shows?
I did actually! I was surprised he didn't say anything about the moshing, it was pretty active for most of the set with five or six dudes being the main instigators of the action. There was one stage diver who danced around onstage for a little too long and JD rolled his eyes and gave a "not this shit again" look. I really hope that the band isn't dropping Iron Swan just because it's thrashy and certain to induce a pit. That would be lame as hell.

Honestly, as long as moshers are respectful and don't drag anyone who wants to be left alone into the pit I have no problem with it. Hell, I think it's actually an amazing way to express your love for music in a socially acceptable physical manner. Head banging can only go so far ya know?
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