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The Sword -- Los Angeles, CA -- December 12th, 2012

Fun show with a very solid bill! The first band was American Sharks. Their singer seemed like a really fun and nice dude, I actually didn't mind his occasional chats with the crowd since it was mostly about stoked he was to play. They were like if Kyuss played only their punky songs. Like they had a stoner metal guitar tone, but the songs were short and fast.

Gypsyhawk once again didn't disappoint and their set was super energetic and fun. It was the same setlist from the Armored Saint show but with one song dropped, but the band seemed more relaxed and spirited- probably since they were playing a crowd that was much more receptive to their style of music.

Gypsyhawk setlist:

1. Overloaded
2. The Fields
3. Hedgeking
4. Gypsyhawk
5. Eyes of Ibad
6. Black Betty
7. Commander of the High Forest

The Sword were very good live, lots of moshing and a surprising number of really dedicated fans. I didn't think there were so many hardcore Sword fans that knew every word and riff, but lo and behold there were a ton of them going crazy on the floor. JD seemed pretty annoyed by the frequent crowd surfers- there was no barrier so fans could get onstage super easily. JD's vocals also sounded really thin and kind of buried in the mix, dunno if it was just bad sound or if he was having an off-night; I thought he sounded fantastic last year when I saw them open for Kyuss Lives. The sound was otherwise great. The drums sounded huge and the guitars were heavy as fuck. Arrows in the Dark especially sounded beyond heavy live, it annihilated the studio version. The set kind of dragged a little bit in the middle, it's probably a good thing that the set was only about 80 minutes. Any longer and I think that the songs would have gotten a little repetitive. As much as I like The Sword, I do have to admit that their songs start to sound the same after a while. Still a fun set though no Iron Swan is total horseshit.

I'm not super sure on the setlist since I don't have Apocryphon yet, but the first seven songs and the last five songs are for sure accurate and Maiden Mother and Crone was definitely played as well. The rest was filled in from an earlier set sourced from

The Sword setlist:

1. Apocryphon
2. Freya
3. Hammer of Heaven
4. Codex Corvidae
5. Tres Brujas
6. To Take the Black
7. Cloak of Feathers
8. The Hidden Masters
9. Dying Earth
10. Maiden, Mother & Crone
11. The Horned Goddess
12. Seven Sisters
13. Arrows in the Dark
14. Veil of Isis
15. Barael's Blade
16. Winter's Wolves

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