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14 albums to go till my Top 20

321.) Ancestors- In Dreams And Time

Labeled in my iTunes when I loaded this, it comes up as Psychedelic Metal. And that is not a far stretch. I hear a lot of Atmospheric and Post Metal moments as well. But if Metal was relevant in the 60s, this would have definitely fit.A short way to think of this is to have Baroness style vocals over 70s Prog Rock, Post Metal, and Sludge. It is so very strange, but so very damn good once you get into it. This is a sleeper hit for me and it deserves all the attention it can get. If you wanna talk about a diverse Metal album, this is it!


322.) Godspeed You! Black Emperor- 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

This is an album that no one in the music world expected to hear, and new GY!BE album. In fact they didn't even mention anything about a new album until just a few days before it was released. the album is composed of two reworked tracks of songs that were played from all the way back in 2003, and 2 new composed drone tracks. Unless you are intro Drone music, those are hard to get through. For me, Drone is something that can only be background noise, i can't sit there and enjoy 3 notes being played over 20 minutes with it going no where. But the other two tracks are definitely strange to hear reworked. as a live bootleg fan, i have heard the live versions of both songs and only knew them that way until these were released, and i gotta say I enjoy these more. Godspeed are the masters of Post rock and Roller coaster style dynamics and this album proves it once again. No one knows for sure if any new real music will be made in the future. But now that they are indeed back together for the long haul, we can only hope! That said, sans the drone tracks, this is phenomenal!


323.) Neurosis- Honor Found in Decay

Neurosis is a band that you love with all your heart, or you don't understand their appeal. i am the former, I love these guys to death and I was beyond excited to hear that a new Neurosis album was coming out. To me this is the perfect intro into Neurosis if you have never heard of them before. Post Metal and Sludge Metal in all its form. It's slower, no Doom slow, but it is slower paced. But it fits all the right moods when you hear it. it is one hell of a trip as well. Like Post music in general is slow brooding with dynamics at the right spots. You gotta be into that to enjoy this, but if you can it is so very worth it. check out the latest masterpiece from Neurosis.


324.) Wanzwa- Wanzwa II

This is another great example of a very strange album. This is Instrumental Progressive Jazz Metal. Primus meets Liquid Tension Experiment meets The Mars Volta, but again, all Instrumental. Like the album title suggests, this is the second album, and I have yet to hear the debut, but I love what I hear. If you translated this to traditional Jazz instrumentals, you would have one hell of a Jazz album, but this is translated into metal form, and it is awesome. Unlike what you maybe would expect, none of the songs sound the same, which is quite refreshing. It's quite a trip, so you gotta be ready for it, and Instrumental fans should love this within the first listen. I hope you enjoy it as well.


325.) Gojira- L'Enfant Sauvage

One thing has become very clear with Gojira over the years. they are getting slower and groovier. And this album is no exception. Not many blast beats to be found here or fast tempos. Of course there are faster songs on the album and blasts, but they are in the backseat and letting the groove take over. To me I think that is a great thing if you can match it up with emotion and dynamics behind it in this style of Metal, and Gojira nails it right on the head every single time. You will get those who complain this album isn't brutal enough, these are also kids who love Asking Alexandria and Oceano, so how seriously can you take their opinions? haha My feelings behind it (if you made it this far into my thread, you must be at least somewhat interested) is that it is a natural progression for the band, they are all masterfully skilled songwriters and musicians and they are writing killer songs. This is a great example of what happens when you know how to make dynamics, sure when you listen to only a song or two, you won't get it. Hear the whole thing, you'll feel the roller coaster and want more!


326.) Candlemass- Psalms Of the Dead

This is the most depressing album of the year. No not because of the classic Doom Metal and Heavy Metal they make *which is usually depressing but awesome as all hell* but because this is the LAST Candlemass album. They are not breaking up, but they are done making new music. Now that is depressing. But that said they left on the highest note they possibly could have. This album is pure Epic Doom Metal Perfection! This album rocks way too hard to be a traditional Doom Metal album, that's why it's not. I've said it before and I will forever say it, Candlemass is what they would sound like if Iron Maiden made Doom Metal. Prove me wrong if you must. From beginning to end this is a quintessential Candlemass album, and a must have if you want to get into the band. Enjoy these guys, this is the last new music you will hear from them.


327.) Hour Of Penance- Sedation

the last pure Death Metal album in this thread. Yes I am fully aware of how many great Death Metal albums have come out this year. but 227 albums later, I gotta take a break somewhere. Hour Of Penance is one badass Death Metal band, that are right up there with Fleshgod Apocalypse on the amount of brutality you can make while still having Musicality. It's way too brutal to be Melodic Death metal, but there are enough Melodies and Harmonies on this album amongst the chaos to make this even possibly enjoyable to non-Death Metal fans. That said it is a little one sided, as is tradition in Death metal, but its chaos you gotta love if you are a fan of the genre. Hour Of Penance is only really starting to get noticed this year, and I hope it only gets bigger and bigger from here. They've earned it.


328.) Anglagard- Viljars Oga

This is a far out Progressive Rock album. It is pure 70's Prog Rock. It's layered in King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator, Frank Zappa, and Jethro Tull. Unless you love Prog to death or appreciate this kind of musicianship, this is an album you feel find pretentious and boring. If you are a real Prog fan and can musicianship, This is some of the most mind-blowing music to come out of the genre in so very, very long. Nearly an hour long and only 4 tracks. It's a Prog fans wet dream. Its over the top, but perfection!


329.) In Mourning- The Weight Of Oceans

If Alice In Chains made very Melodic Progressive Death Metal. That IS what this is. Just listen to Celestial Tear and try to tell me otherwise, and that's only one example. this is an emotionally crushing album, while it does have futuristic, outer space theme to it, just listen to the vocals. Layne Staley easily could have written the vocals. Its brilliantly written and it is so very hard to find this much beauty behind progressive Death Metal. Opeth proved it can be done, but from this side, Insomnium is the closest thing, and I don't consider them Prog. Please give this a listen, You'll feel in your heart how amazing this is.


330.) Agalloch- Faustian Echoes

This 21 minute EP/Song has two sections to it. The Black Metal style they have made their own, and the dark, Evil Post Rock vibe as well. It starts with the Black Metal that is so heavily heard in Marrow of The Spirit, then guides you back to where they started off in their career. It's almost as if they made a retrospective of their career in one song, all while staying fresh. It's an epic piece that will take you all over and not let go until it's over. This would have been in my top 20, but as you may remember from the past, I am very anal when it comes to this list every year. I have a Top 20 ALBUMS of the year, not EPs, Compilations, Live, etc. That said this is one of my favorite songs of the year. If you are indeed a fan of Blackened Folk Post Metal, Agalloch has to be one of your favorite bands. They blew me away when Marrow Of The Spirit came out and have been hooked ever since. Until they stop making music, they will do this to me with every release. GET THIS!


331.) Chimp Spanner- All Roads Lead Here.

Another short EP (just under 25 minutes) This feels like one giant song as well, in fact 3 of the songs are tied together as one. This is without question Instrumental Djent Metal. I need to stress this again. I hate using the term Djent, it sucks. But it is so widely known, and I know I alone can't get rid of the word since it has been out there so long, so you gotta learn to adapt. I digress. Chimp Spanner is way more Prog then Djent bands are, even with the chugs int eh sound. the songs are incredible, although a little one sided at times. And I'd love to see this band one day. It's incredible stuff. You just might dig it too.


332.) In The Silence- A Fair Dream Gone Mad

I discovered these guys out of nowhere this year and I love it so much. If Katatonia played Progressive Metal that didn't sound like Tool. Admit it, I love Katatonia so much, they are one of my favorite bands, but they sound a lot like Tool these days. This carries on in the way Katatonia started with all clean vocals over very damn heavy moments, but instead make it Prog Metal. It's dark and sad at time, but so hauntingly beautiful. Another band I hear no one talk about that should be talked about all over. Maybe by the time of their next album they will start to get noticed, one can only hope. But this is a fantastic album and if you check it out, I hope you enjoy it as well.


333.) Corrosion Of Conformity- Megalodon

You don't think i was going to leave out this FREE FREE FREEEEEEE EP did you? COC not only made a killer comeback Hardcore album this year, they made a 5 track EP for all of us to enjoy for free. This album as a whole sounds like Pepper is back in the band, but he is not. It's got the groovin stoner metalish sound that COC was known for with Pepper Keenan Of course there are some very high paced fun Hardcore songs as well. This is one of the most fun EPs of the year. COC is a killer band!


334.) Drudkh- Eternal Turn of The Wheel

What a way to end this whole index of 2012 music then with the ethereal Black Metal from Drudkh. Like Atmospheric Black Metal, they cover the ground of making Dark, emotional Black Metal with that Atmospheric touch that tugs at your emotions. Some people have knocked this album. I happen to love every single song. In a way it's a kind of return to their original sound all while keeping what they have done recently. It's too good to pass up if you are any kind of Black Metal fan. Get it and love it!


So there you have it folks, there goes 334 albums that all have their charm, or crap to it, but did not make my Top 20 of the year. This is by far the most albums I have ever heard in my life in one year. Next year I do plan on doing this at the beginning of the year once I get enough albums to start with and take it from there. so I'm not reviewing what will be 354 albums in a month and a half. But I wanna thank all of you guys for checking out my Thread so far. and hopefully, just hopefully, you will dig my top 20.

That said. Should I start that now, or wait till my radio show on the 1st? I have no qualms about it either way. I wanna leave it up to you guys.
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