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29. Eluveitie - Helvetios

Truth be told, I was initially pretty discontent with album earlier when it was released. I loved the previous album, and even then I should tone it down a notch, because I loved select songs which trumped the others. This album didn't have any "Thousandfold" or "Quoth The Raven"s, so on the first spin I just discarded it and never really listened to it again. I picked it up after hearing about the Wintersun tour, so I figured why not. I can happily say that it is much better then I previously remembered. While none of the songs on a standalone basis hold a candle to my favorites of Everything Remains…, it is an overall more diverse album. One complaint that is still present is its length. It is way too long in my opinion, and it could have been shortened down to allow better absorption. An hour+ is stretching it for a band like this, at least for me. Alas I cannot simply call out its faults, for it has great moments here and there. I'm glad I picked it up again, and it makes me hope the next one is even better.


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