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31. Rival Sons - Head Down

If you're looking for a modern day Zepellin, it's right here. Rival Sons are the most Zepellin sounding band I've ever heard, moreso than The Parlor Mob, even. I don't even care that there is such blunt worship, it sounds great. A lot of soul, tons of groove, and a nice breath of fresh air form most hard rock out there now in days. This album doesn't hold to a candle to its predecessor, but it still holds some gems. The only thing that makes this record drag a bit is some weak tunes that don't really mesh well with the others, but its a minute factor in the grand scheme of things. I'm waiting for the inevitable moment where this band releases a flawless album, start to finish. I know it'll come, but unfortunately this isn't the time. Listen to this if you like rock and want some transparent 70's worship mixed in there.


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