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3. Napalm Death/Exhumed/Vektor/Weekend Nachos/Smash Potater

I was beyond stoked for this tour when it was announced so it was a huge honor to actually be able to open it. I wish Napalm would've sounded better but it was still cool to see them and Exhumed was awesome, much better than last year's headlining set. I'm a firm believer that All Guts, No Glory is the best opener ever.

Weekend Nachos were also a lot of fun, it was cool to see them in an environment besides a basement where you couldn't hear anything. They were getting in arguments with the soundlady of that night (who was rather rude to us as well, but we were afraid to say anything), but John had no problem arguing during their set. It was awesome, and it was cool of them to send out a song to us for playing before them.

Overall it was a sweet experience as a show itself, and also helped gain my band some more fans from a different crowd.
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