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5. Origin/Cattle Decapitation/Aborted

I saw these 3 bands on the Occupation Domination tour back in April (I think?) and they were all awesome. The first chunk of the show was fucking terrible with Battlecross and Rings of Saturn, and Decrepit Birth only got to play like 3 songs with Bill's excessive weed usage having taken a toll on his voice. The 3 I went for though were solid. It was my first time seeing Cattle and Aborted, and my first time seeing a full Origin set (had to leave two songs into their set on the Hate Eternal show) and all of them were awesome and totally worth the ticket price. Cattle's set was heavy with Monolith tracks, but seeing as that album owns that was fine by me. That last blasting/screeching section of Kingdom Of Tyrants.................

I also enjoyed Aborted bringing the bass drops, I'm not a fan of dubstep but I love a well-placed bass drop in a slam
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