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Best shows/performances of 2012

10. Disgorge

When they announced their reunion, I was hoping these guys would get added to the 2012 edition of CIM (my first and last time attending, as the fest called it a day afterwards). While the turnout for the show in Bumblefuck Nowhere, Illinois was disappointing, there were still some ridiculous performances worth mentioning in this list. Disgorge is no exception. They played second to last on Saturday right before Solstice and pretty much destroyed them in sheer power. The only thing I didn't like is that their performance was sync'd up to an iPod continuous track, so there was a few times where there was awkward waiting times between songs as they waited for the track to catch up. With a new vocalist and no bassist, Disgorge were dope as hell yo and I hope to see them again soon.
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