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Top 10 Openers

10. The Vandals (opening For The Misfits)
You can talk all this shit on how Escalante ruined The Vandals legacy by getting new members and going Pop Punk,but this is the Vandals I grew up on. Obviously I ended up hearing the legendary groundbreaking early tunes that throw every other stuff out of the water but I approve of The Vandals that have been playing for the past 20 years or so. They started off Urban Struggles and right there you knew it was gonna be sick. Most of my favorite songs were played and of coarse Dave Quackenbush made the crowed laugh(he flipped me off cause I booed when he mentioned Buckcherry). Super fun and made me feel like a kid again. They totally kicked "The Misfits" ass.

9. Nausea (opening for Nasum/Power Of The Riff)
Nausea(The LA Grind one,the only Nausea that matters) have returned and im so stoked about it. I have no problem with the current Terrorizer but I would choose Nausea anytime over them. Seeing Grind pioneer Oscar Garcia sing "After World Obliteration" was just one cool thing to see live. Nausea stick the old skool Grindcore formula and for that they play some of the best live shows.

8. Early Graves (opening for Nasum)
Second time seeing EG and even though the crowed was dead they had one great set. I absolutely loved it. John sings all Mahk's song great and he's a really good fill in. Goner was sang great and it was just my favorite of the night. Go see em live damn it.

7. The Dwarves (opening for Napalm Death)
The Dwarves were one band ive been wanting to see all year. Finally seeing them live was everything I hoped it'd be: Confused metal heads hear some dude talk about sleeping with underage girls. Blag gave me the mic twice and even thought most of my favorite songs were not played,I loved them. Only complaint was that HeWhoCannotBeNamed wasn't there. The hell were you? Recognize The Dwraves,Slut.

6. No Statik(opening for Forward)
Furious female fronted Thrashcore. God damn she everywhere and possibly the best female vocalist with stage presence ive ever seen live. Shit was so fast and good it ended quick. I hope to see em again.

5. To The Point(For Retox)
Member's of Spazz , Lack Of Interest,Fetus Eaters,Murder Construct,etc all in one band. Chris Dodge is singing so you know its gonna be some of the fastest and fun stuff ever.

4. Young and in the Way (opening for Integrity)
Furious Blackened Crust. I just had to see em play live and instantly became a fan. No one was really into em(tuff guy crowed) but holy shit did they play the best set that day. Let me remind you he burned a decapitated pig head and threw it at us. We loved it. They did it recently at some fest and some girl got blind. They didn't love it. If the east coast doesn't want you,shit,we'll gladly take you in and ill go to all your shows.

3. Hoax (Power Of The Riff)
I miss these guys last week,and im still very butt-hurt over it. I saw em once this year and it was the most violent thing ever. The singer was a complete mad man. Hitting himself on and on until he bled while the crowed was jumping on him trying to sing a long. And its not just his stage antics,this is some of the best Hardcore I've ever heard. Total fuckin madness. God damn it, i need to see em again.

2. Cattle Decapitation(opening for Six Feet Under)
I just can't get over how much of a great frontman, Travis Ryan is. He's like a fucking possessed animal that will fuck your shit up. Its been a great fucking year for Cattle and their live shows are something you don't wanna miss. I saw em play all of "Inhumanity" on this show and it just fucking ruled. God damn it Travis this has been your year.

1. Magrudergrind (Gnarmageddon)
A long with Trash Talk and Exhumed and I had to worst luck ever with Magrudergrind shows. The wait was finally worth it. Everything I ever wanted from a Grind show was there. Moshing for only hearing static,crowed surfing with boogey boards,and me screaming my lungs off while hugging the dudes next to me over excitement. Yes I finally saw one of my all time favorite Grind bands live and I loved every small second of it. I want to see them again and again until they get sick of playing here(which they hardly do). Magrudergrind are one today's (if not best) leading Grindcore bands and their live shows prove it. My only complaint is that they played the main stage. If it was the small ass one then I'm sure it would've been 100 times cooler than it already was. This trio puts on one hell of a show and even tho they just opened,it was one of my favorite performance's this year.
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