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Originally Posted by energymetal14 View Post
11. Skeletonwitch

Bill: Skeletonwitch, Havok, Early Graves, Razormaze
Venue: Great Scott
City: Allston, MA
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2012

And here we go again! This was my third time seeing Skeletonwitch, and my first time seeing them headline. Plus, this venue was MUCH smaller than where I saw them before, so it was pretty awesome. Super intimate, super fun. Plus this was the only show I met someone from this site at this year, our very own Mastodon421 (sucks we didn't meet up at LOG, hope to see you at Wintersun! ).

Up first was a local thrash band named Razormaze. They are pretty generic, nothing special but not too bad either. They have opened the last three shows I've seen at this venue, and I think i enjoy them more each time. decent stuff, good opener for this show.

Early Graves played next, and holy shit were they better than I expected! I had listened to some of their stuff, and I liked it, but their performance was just so great. It definitely made me check them out more, and although I haven't heard their whole album yet (), what I have heard is pretty damn good. I got kicked in the eye by a stagediver, which fucking hurt and I started to see stars and get dizzy, but I was okay after a few minutes. I would love to see them again.

I spent some time talking to Mastodon421 in between the bands, and he's a pretty cool dude. It was nice to be able to talk to kill time, since I end up going to most of these club shows alone . Havok played after Early Graves. I missed some of their set when I saw them open for English Dogs, so I was excited to see a full set (full suppoet set, at least) from them. They are probably one of the better thrash revival bands, and their performance was a lot of fun. Like all the other bands, they got some pretty decent pits going.

Skeletonwitch played last, and I was so happy to see a headlining set from them. The setlist could not have been more amazing. Songs from all their albums, a good amount of songs I had not heard them play before, and all of them sounded fucking incredible . They are such a great live band, entertaining while still sounding just like their albums. I moshed for a bit in the actually pretty rough pits, and stood off to the side for a bit headbanging and watching the great show. I could not have been more pleased by their performance, and I can say this was definitely the best time I saw them. After the show, I gave Mastodon a ride home (it took us awhile but we got there!) then headed home for the night.
I'm going to talk to my friend I am supposed to go to Eluveite with tonight or tomorrow and see if he still wants to go to. If not, I'll probably just meet you in Boston like last time and get a ride back with you if you don't mind.
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