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7. Absu

May 24
The Sonar (Baltimore, MD)
Maryland Death Fest X

*cue Proscriptor scream* At number 7, ABSU. Absu is without a doubt my favorite band, and when they got added to MDF I HAD to go (srsly guyz, they got added, I bought tickets).

Now you may be asking, or may not be, "WHY DID YOU PUT YOUR FAVORITE BAND SO LOW!?" Well, even thought it was absulutely amazing to see them again, it was a bit of a rough set. Ezezu seemed a bit exhausted and ran out of breath a lot, and some dude punched me in the nuts during the second or third song . Yes, those two things made it not as enjoyable. I was pretty much right up front, and some drunk assclown standing next to me was swinging his arms and WHAM, right in the baby maker.

Aside from those negative things, it was still a great show. Proscriptor seemed on top of it, and their set was solid (but no "Highland Tyrant Attack"??? COME ON!). I really wanted to meet Proscriptor and Ezezu since they both commented on one of my Absu covers a couple years ago, but missed my one chance WHEN THEY WERE RIGHT NEXT TO ME

Anyways, great set, great performance, great pain. I cannot wait for them to do another US tour. A member of Weapon hinted at something in the works, but I haven't heard anything since then.
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