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8. In Flames

Bill: In Flames, Trivium, Veil of Maya, Kyng
Venue: The Palladium
City: Worcester, MA
Date: Friday, February 17, 2012

Okay, I know a lot of people don't like In Flames but I still do. I will admit that the new stuff is nothing compared to the old stuff, but they are one of the bands that got me into extreme metal so I will always love them. I was still sick with pneumonia for this show , but somehow it all seemed to go away for this show. I felt great, even though I lost my breath a couple times and coughed a lot. I think I was just feeding off the energy of the band and the crowd.

Kyng came on first. They play hard rock/stoner rock that isn't all that original, but it's pretty good. They sounded good and I liked their performance. I won't say i loved it, but they were a good enough opening act, even though they were kind of out of place.

Veil of Maya was up next, and all the deathcore bros hit the floor for them. I am just not a fan of their sound, and I couldn't get into them one bit. Whatever though, I wasn't there to see them.

Trivium played next, for what was basically a co-headliner (even though IF came on last each night and played longer). I am not a Trivium fan by any means, but I did have fun during their set. The crowd was into them, and they had a good pit going, which I spent much of the set in. I still don't realy listen to them, but they were good enough.

In Flames came on last. As expected, the setlist had few olod songs, and was dominated by material form Sounds of a Playground Fading. I still loved every minute of it. They sounded great, and Anders is a great frontman. he knows how to work the crowd and get everyone into it, and even is pretty funny onstage. The pits were constant, and I spent most of my time in them, even crowdsurfing once, which I almost never do. Hearing songs like "The Hive" and "Swim" was just . I saw them at Mayhem 2011 and again recently with LOG, but I think this was the best time yet. Great crowd, great energy, full headlining set, just an amazing show for me.
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