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9. Suffocation

Bill: Suffocation, Totality, Sexrement, Abnormality, Scaphism
Venue: The Middle East (downstairs)
City: Cambridge, MA
Date: Sunday, November 11, 2012

If you haven't noticed, this is my third show on this list at the Middle East, and I still have 2 more after this. All kinds of awesome stuff happening here this year, and it's an awesome venue in a cool area, so good times for me. I won't do too long of a review, since I wrote a full review here:

This was a cool show because it brought the mighty SUFFOCATION to a pretty intimate venue, and it had some pretty good local openers, so I thought that was pretty cool. Scaphism was playing when I walked in, and they were okay, nothing special, but not bad brutal death metal.

Abnormality came on next, and they were awesome. Great brutal death metal, and one of my favorite local bands. They really got the crowd going too. I need to see them again soon.

Sexcrement came on next, and Boston's own sleazy fucks put on a good show. Groovy death metal, not the best but fun either way. They had a dancer on stage who stripped down to almost being naked by the end of the set .

Totality played after them, and I wasn't a big fan. They were the only band I couldn't get into. They were just kind of boring, death metal/deathcore. People enjoyed them, but it just wasn't my thing.

Lastly was fucking Suffocation . As always, they sound so intense live. Frank Mullen is the man, and he did his usual awesome rants in between the crushing songs. I was right near the front the whole time, and I just had so much fun. All three times I have seen them have been awesome, but this may have been the best. Such an awesome show all around.
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