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Top 10 Performances

10. KISS(Jimmy Kimmel Live! 3/20/12)
Jimmy Kimmel hooked me up to see KISS play 4 songs. No way in hell would I pay that much to see em as close as I did. But it was 4 classics and it was free. I was pretty happy. Nothing beats singing a long to Detroit Rock City with Gene and Paul that are not too far from you.... FOR FREE! THEY DIDN'T GET ANY OF MY MONEY!

9. Exhumed(The Roxy. 2/11/12)
After so many failed attempts last year(One being a raided fest) I was finally able to see Exhumed. Luckily it was free(Since I had already paid to see em before). And it was damn worth it. Matt Harvey's vocals are just crushing and brutal. I went to another show and I missed em. The curse is back on. Gore Fucking Metal.

8. Forward (Aladdin Jr. 6/7/12)
"We are Forward. We Are Japanese. We know little English. Fuck You". Yep, that's all they need to know to throw one fun as fuck show. Feat. ex member's of Death Side,this Japcore band showed us Americans one hell of a time. The encore consisted of 2 G.I.S.M. songs. I went ape shit and I was all over the fucking place. The pit,the stage,on top of the crowed,EVERYWHERE. Welcome to the Underground.

7. Dr. Know (The Echoplex 8/11/12)
It was a big deal when Kyle Toucher's version of Dr.Know came back this year. I missed it the first time but I'm so glad I was able to catch em this time. Nardcore legends upfront doing most of the Plug-In Jesus EP and other stuff that made it one of the best sets at the 3rd annual Power Of The Riff. I lost my voice that night singing to Mr. Freeze.

6. Trash Talk (Chain Reaction 7/19/12 & 119 House 10/6/12)
I was finally able to break my lost run of curses with Trash Talk this year. So many failed attempts but I finally did it. Trash Talk is one of those bands that as soon as just a little drum is hit you have 5 kids getting on stage jumping off. Major insanity all around,just like how should be. Plus Tyler, The Creator singing Radicals with them was on this years highlight. At a venue,a house,or a build stage outside,Trash Talk just puts some of the most fun shows ever. I also tried to go see em 8/1/12 but nobody got in and a riot broke out. That's Trash Talk for you.

5. Negative Approach(The Observatory 6/23/12)
Headlining this years Gnarmageddon was Hardcore legends, Negative Approach. They put on one amazing ass set with all the classics. John Brennan is one serious frontman. Obviously he's aged so his some things have changed. His voice has gotten to old and raspy he sounds like he's in a Black Metal band and I think it's the coolest fucking shit ever. Go see em live and try not losing your shit when Ready To Fight comes out.

[b]4. Deafheaven (The Smell 3/9/12)
If you know me personally then you must know that i am absolutely obsessed with Deafheaven and they are one of my favorite bands of all time. I truly am in love with this band. This was my 2nd time seeing them and I made sure I was upfront ready to scream along. George Clark is one fuckin mad man and him screaming into my face,grabbing my hand,and jumping into the audience for us to hold him is one badass show. I left with the biggest smile on my face. I'm telling you guys right now,Deafheaven is making a new album and it's coming out in 2013. Good chance its gonna be my #1 in albums.

3. Napalm Death (House Of Blues, 11/14/12)
Grindcore pioneers Napalm put on one of the greatest shows ever. Napalm Fucking Death. Nuff Said.

2. Nasum (The Black Castle 5/3012)
Never would I thought I'd ever be able to experience the legendary Nasum live since the death of Mieszko(RIP). They did one last tour ever with Keijo of Rotten Sound and it one of the greatest Grind shows I've ever seen. First and last time in LA and it was one amazing set. Nasum has officially disbanded and if you didn't see Nasum,you missed out big time. They went out with a bang.

1. Despise You (The Black Castle 4/6/12 & The Echo 8/11/12)
Despise You is thee most insane,pissed off,brutal,sweaty,crowded,angry,fun,and just plain crazy set I've seen this year. The band was surrounded by all these kids and idk how they didn't get hurt with all the mess we were doing. I was squished as fuck singing my favorite Powerviolence songs ever(Roll Call,3/26/00,My West Side Horizon) with other kids being just as pissed(as well as Sergio from ACxDC crowed surfing with a skate deck) as frontman Chris Elder yelled his butt off. Let's not forgot their tradition of throwing a skate deck to the crowd and watching fans get like rabid animals to own it. 2nd time was on a stage so I was finally able to stage dive and do some weird ass stuff in the mosh pit. DY is just thee Powerviolence that brings it live. Even though they're from here they're kind of a rare treat(Only played twice this year). So if they go ANYWHERE near you,its probably a one time deal and it will be the most craziest show you'll probably ever go to. This is West Coast Mother Fucking Powerviolence.
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