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10. New England Metal and Hardcore Festival

Bill (top bands for me): The Black Dahlia Murder, Nile, Skeletonwitch, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Cruel Hand, Bane, Overkill, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage
Venue: The Palladium
City: Worcester, MA
Date: Friday, April 20 (), 2012, Saturday, April 21, 2012, Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let me start off by saying I fucked up big time on hardcore bands at this fest. I didn't really know many at the time, so I stuck to metal. Although I am a metal guy at heart, I could have squeezed in a few hardcore bands here that I now know are awesome. Awesome feat either way, and I'm so glad I did the three day pass.

Since this is a 3 day fest, I'm just gonna do a VERY brief review of each day. The first day featured the heaviest lineup of all 3 days, with more death metal bands than any other day. Going into it, I was most punped for this day. I saw Fleshgod Apocalypse, who played a super short set, but were great. Skeletonwitch ruled as always, and my first time seeing Nile was fucking amazing, so heavy . The headliner was The Black Dahlia Murder, who I am not in love with, but they are pretty good and are super fun live. Awesome first day to the fest.

Day 2 was a much more diverse lineup. I got there really early and watched Diamond Plate, Hung, Huntress, God Forbid, and Holy Grail. Okay stuff, but none of the bands blew me away really. I had some time to kill before Unearth (yes, I skipped Periphery and Iwrestledabearonce, I don't like either, sorry Periphery fans), so i went upstairs to the hardcore stage. I watched Shipwreck, who were kinda boring to me, then came on Cruel Hand. Wow. I didn;t even really know them before the fest, but they were THE surprise of the weekend for me, so much fun and I have gotten into them a lot since then. Unearth was pretty cool, and Bane was cool too ( I liked em better though when I saw them with Terror). Overkill fucking owned, and Dragonforce sucked, total disaster . All That Remains headlined, and although I don't really listen to them anymore, the performance was fun, the crowd went nuts, and I was reliving high school a little bit hearing some of those songs haha. I feel like if I saw them again though, it would be a lot less specail and would probably not be good at all.

Day 3 was short for me, since it was mostly deathcore bands I don't care about. I got there during For Today, who bored me. I watched Emmure and Vanna from the balcony, and both were really bad. I thought Emmure would at least be a joke, but it was just painful. Every Time I Die was okay, I've just never gotten into them for some reason. The headliner was Killswitch Engage. This was their big comeback show, their first back with Jesse Leach singing again. Although i liked Howard, the change is exactly what this band needed. I was on the floor for the whole performance, and it was AMAZING. The energy in the room was incredible, you would have to be there to understand it. They played a great set, and I spent the entire time moving, headbanging, singing, and holding up crowdsurfers. The crowd was ridiculous for the show, it was so awesome. Somehow it took me till this year to make it to NEMHF, and I must say it was a really great weekend. The only real reason it wasn't higher is because I saw so many other great shows this year. Plus, none of my real favorite bands played, it was just a bunch of bands I like, plus a lot that were just okay. I know this was long , but I had a lot to say about this great fest .
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