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Top 5 Demo's
All have bandcamps. Look em up,download,support.

5. CharliexSheen

OC Fastcore. Brand new band that's getting known kinda fast and I remember crowed surfing with one of the member's in Gnarmageddon. Someone once described em as Suicidal Tendencies with blast beats.

FFO: Void,Charles Bronson, Septic Death

4. Splatter Control

Chicago Grind. Silly lyrics with silly music. Your demo's good and you should FEEL good.

FFO: Exhumed,Ghoul,Impaled

3. Spring Break '95

I heard this like a week ago and had to boot another band on this list 'cause this demo was so good not show to the world. Riverside Powerviolence/HxC.

FFO: Coke Bust/Dangers/Xeres

2. Iron Reagan

Municipal Waste side project with member's of Darkest Hours. This demo was actually better than Waste's album this year. Go Figure.

FFO: (Later) Cro-Mags, D.R.I.,Municipal Waste(Duh!)

1. Xaphan

Freakin badass Hardcore. Members of Dismembered,108,etc. You guys owe us an LA show.

FFO: 108,Converge,Nails
10/24-Judas Priest/AtTheGates/Inquisition/BodyCount/EarthCrisis
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