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32. Vision Divine - Destination Set To Nowhere

With Fabio Lione joining their ranks again, I was interested to hear how this would sound. I didn't really like the last album much, and I much preferred the material they had with Michael. However this album is a huge step up. Very heavy, very crisp sounding, and Fabio sounds a lot more....appropriate. Great prog metal, nothing more and nothing less. Even the cover of Savatage's "Gutter Ballet" is awesome. They also released a bonus CD with new versions of their best songs of the past, so that is a bit of a drag to listen to, but I honestly can't say it's terrible. But the originals stand stronger, needless to say. However I digress. This album definitely made me feel positive towards the new lineup, and I look forward to a potential U.S. your, though I highly doubt it.


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