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13. D.I.S.(Destroyed In Seconds)- Becoming Wrath

2nd album by my favorite local D-Beat/Crust band DIS. Line up change since the last album,but nevertheless the shit rules. They've added Thrash,HxC,Grind,and other shit that rules to make this one album that is a must listen. Plus the new singer looks like a Latino Ice Cube. Just listen for all your open minded Crusty needs. Listen foo!

12. Gallows- Gallows

I'm not gonna lie. I thought this British band and album would suck all the balls in the world after doing 2 great album with former singer Frank Carter and replacing him with Wade MacNeil(Who was in Alexisonfire,you sucked major ass). I boycotted them so I didn't bother to listen to the EP they released last year. I heard it this year after my friend kept convincing me,and that shit was hard. The band sounder harder,more pissed off,and just as great. They don't completely sound like a different band but I guess the only way to say is that the Gallows totally reinvented themselves and it wasn't so bad to let an American on board. I was pretty excited for this and it was no let down. Pissed,full of rage,and just a shotgun to the face. And I would be too if my singer left me to do an indie band,got kicked off a major label,and half my fans left me. Don't be like me. Give this a chance. This shit is so good I kick myself in the face for not giving them a chance at the (re)start.

11. Arts- Thousand Wounds Of War

Mark McCoy of Charles Bronson,Das Oath,Holy Molar,and Failures doing a one man Black Metal band. That's enough info already for you to check this out. Marky has 4 other BM projects but Arts was my favorite one. Just the insanity,rawness,and fastness of Arts made fall in love with the band and just look into more Black Metal/Punk project. This is is second LP with ARTS and its just fuckin' raw. Nuff said.

10. Terrorizer- Hordes Of Zombies

Grindcore Pioneers put out their 3rd album. Tho the first one was groundbreaking ,the 2nd one seem to be "Pete Sandoval/Jesse Pintado & Resistant Culture playing Grindcore". It was ok I guess. Since then Jesse has passed away(RIP) and they got Dave Vincent back on Bass(SO CLOSE TO A LEGIT LINE UP). Anyways,I liked this a lot. I was surprised by how much the aggression ruled. I expected this to end up on the end of my list(if anything) but it was just a great Death/Grind album.Nothing will ever beat World Downfall or Oscar Garcia's vocals but it's just what Terrorizer need to redeem themselves. A lot of people did not like this album at all,but hey its better than the last Morbid Angel album.

9. Black Breath- Sentenced To Life

You know when you listen to a band debut album and think, "Well this is so good,the rest of the shit after is just gonna be ok". Well that's what I thought about Seattle's Black Breath and they proved me wrong. Way wrong. Like holy shit those riffs,those vocals,those drums,FUCK! This was in a lot of peoples list from the start and now you know why. Death Metal/Thrash/Hardcore/Satan/ its just fucking strong. This album is one for the books and will be talked about for ages. Satanic Hardcore? Who knows,but this something unique.

8. Napalm Death- Utilitarian

Grindcore pioneers have done it again. Political lyrics,Barneys harsh vocals,and the rest of the band just make this one of 2012's best album. Of coarse all the original ND elements are there with the Death Metal approach they've been doing forever now. Some people say this one of Napalms best work. It's extraordinary ,its harsh,its Grindcore.

7. Converge- All We Love We Leave Behind

Most people were shocked when I told them that i never listened to Converge. I never bothered giving them a chance but I knew they had a huge following and they were pioneers of something but I had no idea what. I gave this a listen as my first Converge album recently and everything made sense. These new genres of Hardcore bands ( Cursed,All Pigs Must Die, Early Graves,Nails) etc all reminded me of Converge and what they brought to the table. This album was a true masterpiece of Hardcore,Metal-core,whatever you wanna call it. Great guitar works,memorial songs,and just stuff that makes you wanna punch your dad in the face until there's nothing left to punch. This is Converge. This is the shit.

6. Pig Destroyer- Book Burner

5 years. It took 5 freakin years for Virginia's Piggy to put out one hell of a Grind album. Every Grinder around the world is calling this one of the best Grind releases of 2012 and I could'nt agree more. People that don't even like Grindcore are highly praising this album and its just one great fuckin record. If you get the Deluxe edition(which is worth it it) it comes with a short story written by frontman JR Heyes called "The Atheist" which is as mind blowing as this album. Also included is the Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding EP which has Old Hardcore Punk covers from Black Flag,Misfits,Circle Jerks,etc. This is a very special album and it's worth a listen even if you don't like Grind. listen here.

5. Murder Construct- Results

Finally the debut of Murder Construct. Death/Grind super-group Featuring members of some of my favorite bands including Cattle Decapitation,Exhumed,Phobia,Lack Of Interest,To The Point,Bad Acid Trip,DIS,Nausea,and way more. That enough said should convince you that this will be one crazy ass Death/Grind album. Well it is,and in my opinion its greatly underrated. The music rules,the songs rule,and my favorite about this is of coarse Travis Ryans vocals. If they ever tour again,see this shit live. Death/Grind done by people who've done it already,and are doing it better. This is like the Justice League of Death/Grind.

4. OFWGKTA- The OF tape Vol. 2

Its true. I fell for the Odd Future craze that's sweeping the white boy swag nation. I asked my friend to play this in the car and it quickly became one of my favorite albums of the year,and one of my all time favorite Hip-Hop/Rap albums. I don't know where to start. Odd Future is more than a Hip-Hop group. It's group of young individuals bringing all their music together to give you one amazing record. Tyler,The Creator,Frank Ocean,MellowHype,Mike G,Earl Sweatshirt,The Internet,Domo Genesis,Hodgy Beats and more all partake in this official first full length from these kids. People are saying Odd Future are the Wu-Tang of today. Some people say its Hip-Hop for white kids and hipsters. I say it's the best fucking Hip-Hop of 2012 and if you don't agree your loss. Wolf Gang,Golf Wang,Kill Them All.

3. Early Graves- Red Horse

In 2010 Early Graves tragically lost their singer Mahk Daniels in a car accident while on tour. They had released 2 amazing albums with him and they were a staple on San Francisco Hardcore. Last year they reunited with John Strachan of The Funeral Pyre who has been kicking so much ass with them all over America. When they announced the new record I knew it was gonna be great,but not this fucking great. John adds his Black Metal vocals mixed with Hardcore/Death Metal/Crusty album which just makes it one of my favorite albums this year. Everything about this album rules hard. Why haven't you heard this yet? I have no idea,but you totally should. First song plays,and your addicted.

2. Trash Talk- 119

Oh soooooooo close to being number 1 but no cigar. I bought this the day it came out and played it like 20 times that night. It automatically became my favorite Trash Talk record and them signing with Odd Futures record label seemed to be a good move. Pissed,fast song that I'm always singing daily like Eat the Cycle,Apathy,and my personal favorite, Reasons. Since its on OF's Label Tyler,The Creator and Hodgy Beats do a song with them. Everyone had doubts on how it would sound but it ended up being the coolest fucking thing ever. Trash Wang finally happened and it ruled hard. I just cant get enough of this album. TT did so much cool stuff this year and this album proves how great they are.

1. Cattle Decapitation - Monolith Of Inhumanity

#1 album of 2012 according to me goes to Cattle D for putting out one of the best Death/Grind albums of all fuckin time. I use to like Cattle,but this album made love them to the max. I know people who hated Cattle but got into them after this master piece. Everything about this album is spot on perfection. The guitar,bass,drums,samples,sound,but the main thing is Travis Ryans vocals. Travis Ryan is also frontman of the year(also see #5) for his over the top vocals. They go from gurgling Goregrind to brutal Death Metal to this high pitched sounding screech that gives you the creeps but you just can't get enough of. And Cattle also put out the music video of the year for me. Its for the song Forced Gender Reassignment, and It's also probably the most disturbing thing ever and makes The Human Centipede look like Teletubbies. Travis and Cattle worked hard this year for putting out and promoting the best thing I've heard this year. Jesus Chris is Suicide. This is 2012s best work.
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