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El Turtle Boy's shitty ass list that no one likes,but who cares. 2012 Edition.

My favorite time of the year. I get to list my favorite stuff in music that no one cares about but oh well. I had so much fun doing it last year I'm adding 5 more extra albums on my list. It was hard to do this year since I was computer less. But thanks to friends,blogs,and band camps,I was able to listen to 25 great albums that made 2012 one bad-ass year. There was a couple more I wanted to hear but due to lack of time,here it is. Hope you love it/hate it as much as you did last year.

Top 25 albums of 2012

25. Joey Ramone- ....Ya Know?

11 years after his death Joey pulled a Tupac and released his 2nd solo album 10 years later. Not your typical Ramones songs but there was some stuff here that could've been gold if they had done so. Love songs,Punk songs,blah blah blah. It wasn't the greatest thing ever but I would've felt bad if I didn't put Joey in this list,because lets face it,The Ramones are the best band of all time. This one is for the hardcore fans.

24. Larry David- Grind Your Enthusiasm

Yes! Its finally been done! A band devoted to Larry David that sings about Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld(The most grindcore show ever). Featuring members of Anal Blast,Killgasm,and Rotten Funeral. These assmen from Sacramento,CA released their debut as a goodbye,which sucks cause I never saw em,but at least I can listen to this. So put your cashmere spot sweater on,get thirsty over pretzels,and be the master of your domain with this album. Larry! Goodbye!

23. MellowHype- Numbers

Don't let the album artwork fool you,this ain't Black Metal,This is Hip-Hop which of coarse has the dudes from the Hip-Hop collective OFWGKTA. Catchy rap tunes that your mom would hate. Some would argue with me when I say this is their best,but ill say it anyways. With songs like Grill,Monster,and 666 this makes it one of the catchiest albums I've heard this year. Tra-Trash Wang,Dats Wassup!

22. Burzum- Umskiptar

3rd year in a row Varg has given us a great album(also 3 years he's been out of jail!). I'm not gonna lie that since then each album keeps getting less 'n less good. But its Varg,the most notorious Black Metal musician ever so he can do whatever he wants. So if he wants to be weird and folky in this album with soothing Black Metal then let it be. Still genius work of art from Varg Vikernes.

21. Aborted- Global Flatline

Death/Grind from Belgium that for some stupid reason I just discovered. Holy balls this rules. Brutal songs about nasty shit that rules. Nothing much else to say other than it will blow you away from its Brutalness. Guest vocals from member's of Rotten Sound,Misery Index,and Black Dahlia Murder. Bump this with yo mama.

20. Green Day - ĦUno!

Yes,I'm putting Green Day on my list,suck my ass. They released 3 albums this year: Uno(which is old skool sounding),Dos(which is a Foxborrow Hotubs sequel),and Tre(which is like their recent stuff). So when that got out I figured I'd check this out. Thank Satan Billie Joe is was on drugs cause this album ruled. Total old GD with a mix of the stuff in American Idiot. A BIG IMPROVEMENT from the last album they put out. Some filler tracks but who cares,I still like Green Day.

19. OFF!- OFF!

Keith and the gang released their official album debut after 4 freaking amazing EP's already put out by the band. Not gonna lie, The First Four EP's were way better than this but this is still Old Skool Punk Rock in yo face. Angry teenager music made by what seems to be the oldest teenager ever. OFF! was created so the world would know what Black Flag would sound like if Keith had stayed in the band,and well this is it. This is so great I wouldn't mind Circle Jerks going on a longer hiatus.

18. Harassor- Hater Of Man

Harassor made my list again this year with another evil crusty hardcore Black Metal release. They possibly could've been on my list twice since they released two full lengths this year,but I was only able to hear this one. Not as evil as the debut album but still a gem for Los Angeles Black Metal with raw sounding vocals and instruments which make this band one of my favorites of the genre. If I had time to listen to other I totally would,as of now my main concern to break my bad luck streak of still not seeing them live. 7 sloppy,distorted evil Black Metal songs with one Drone-y track that will give you chills. Hail Satan. Listen. -l-

17. The Communion- A Desired Level Of Unease

You see this right here? You Cannot fuck with this. I saw these guys on a comp DVD and instantly loved the band to hope I can one day start a band as sloppy and shitty as them. And I say that with highest respect for these New Yorkers. Noisy as fuck Black Metal mixed with Grindcore,Death Metal,Sludge,Hardcore,you name it! In one listen I was instantly hooked. They have a bunch of splits and stuff but this is what you need to hear. God damn this shit rules. Just listen to it man,just listen.

16. Phobia- Remnants of Filth

Orange County's Grinders have done it again with this new release. Typical Phobia tradition that I love. 20 minutes of fast and furious Grindcore. Short but sweet. It's just an album I can listen to again and again and not get tired of it. Grind.

15. Mutilation Rites- Empyrean

Another debut Black Metal album from NY. Yes this does have elements of Grind/Crust but with some Depressive Black Metal for your mood swing needs. Doom/Thrash is also in the mix but its mostly a BM album. I'm having trouble describing this one.Point is its Black Metal with other shit that rules. A bit short and not in the good way but I loved it a lot. I'm expecting a lot of good things from this band.

14. Bad Brains- Into The Future

YES! YES! YES! Bad Brains were able to make another great album that didn't suck ass! Even with all the weed they smoked they were able to put an album as great as 07's Build A Nation. This one has everything. Hardcore,Reggae,Hip Hop,Dub,blah blah! HR's vocals are weirder than ever, but BB still put out a heavy spiritual record. I was very happy with the turn out of this album,and any BB fan will not be disappointed. Now to get HR to act nuts on stage again...
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