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34. Black Country Communion - Afterglow

After all the drama between Hughes and Bonamassa, I'm pretty sure this is the final record we'll be seeing from this very talented group. Shame too, they were a supergroup that did it pretty well. At least they went out strong. I can't say this is my personal favorite of theirs, but it isn't bad by a long shot. Good tracks like "Big Train" and "Midnight Sun" stand out, but the album has to be listened to from start to finish to really 'get it'. All in all, a solid hard rock/heavy metal release of the year. Bonamassa's playing, as per usual, is stellar, although not as good as his solo releases (spoiler, his solo album is ranked higher on this list). I hope that a tour comes out of this, just so I can say I saw them, although given the track things are headed on I doubt that will be the case. Anyway, listen to the album if you like these respective artists, or if you want some well-written rock.


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