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Ratt was the very first band I saw without my parents. They were my favorite band at the time. I saw them in the summer of 84 on the Out Of The Cellar tour opening for Billy Squier who was on the Signs of Life tour. Anyway, I'll give this a go...

1. U Got It
2. You Think You’re Tough
3. Wanted Man
4. City To City
5. Eat Me Up Alive
6. I’m Insane
7. Drive Me Crazy
8. The Morning After
9. Back For More
10. You’re In Love
11. Never Use Love
12. Lay It Down
13. You Should Know By Now
14. Body Talk
15. Best Of Me
16. Nobody Rides For Free

17. Shame Shame Shame
18. Walking The Dog
19. Top Secret
20. Round And Round
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