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Job for a Cowboy -- Montreal, Quebec -- December 10th, 2012

Venue: Foufounes Électriques
Opening bands: Rosewood, Legion & I Declare War
Tour: The End of the World Tour

My french class this morning just got cancelled, so I'll have a little time to write this up. This show started early and I only managed to get there for the third band, which means that I missed local openers Rosewood (apparently the new name for a lame deathcore band I saw 3 years ago then called Corpse of the Seventh) and touring nobodys Legion. My friend told me they were another boring deathcore excuse for a band, so no tears were shed for missing them. I actually got upstairs in the middle of I Declare War's first song. I was initially expecting a good set, since they're one of deathcore's bigger acts right now. I was at least expecting some riffs. There were none. It was chug after chug after chug after chug for 25 long, soporific minutes. Obliviously, the song structures were horribly bland and uninspired. The drummer looked like a robot whose only properly working program was called "4/4 breakdown". His blast beats and alternated thrash beats were basic and tame to the point that they were difficult to distinguish from the grooves. He couldn't provide the aggressivity to carry the rage that the band was trying to communicate through their songs. Speaking of rage, their vocalist looked like he had snorted 10 lines of cocaine or took a pretty band steroid shot right before getting on stage. He constantly made hilarious faces and postures and he seemed like he wanted to beat the fuck out of everyone in the venue. Sadly, his vocals were extremely monotonous and didn't reflect that anger. The musicians moved and had some energy, but they still probably gave the most boring musical performance of the year. At least, the hardcore dancers seemed to have fun. A friend told me they only played new material and that the older stuff, with Jonathan Huber of Pathology fame on vocals, is better, but I'm skeptical.

After them, the place considerably emptied, since most of the scene kids left. There was still a decent crowd for a grind band on a monday night. Cephalic Carnage went on stage and did their usual sound check/goofing around. Pat Hamelin from Martyr was still filling in on drums (and making the band thighter and better) and Nick Schendzielos was back on bass (at Trois-Rivières they had brought Jawsh Mullen). Lenzig was wearing a Blue Öyster Cult pendant over a Colorado Avalanche jersey, that actually hid a Blue Öyster Cult t-shirt. Pure badassery. As usual, the Colorado dudes grinded throughout their set with unmatched energy and brutality. Maybe it was the sound that had improved or maybe it was because of the recent weed legalization in Colorado, but they were definitely better than the last time I saw them. Lenzig did his usual rambling; he has different stories for the origin of his song lyrics everytime he comes here. For example, this time, "Warbots A.M." talked about a french Transformers episode they watched here years ago while eating poutine and "Abraxas of Filth" talked about Cthulhu goaling for the Montreal Canadiens. The story for "Lucid Interval" was the craziest, but the high amount of nonsense made me forget it. This and the succession of varied riffs makes them one of the most entertaining bands in the death metal scene today. You never get bored for a second in their concerts. The crowd didn't seem to get bored either. The pits were inconsistent, but still good - everyone was very enthusiastic. My highlights were the crushing "Abraxas of Filth" in which Nick nailed Ross Dolan's vocals brilliantly, the "stoner grind pits" during "Black Metal Sabbath" (plus the usual corpse paint and horse masks) and the totally insane grind of "Divination and Volition". I still can't believe they really played it; the level of violence was immeasurable.

Then, it was the time for the headliners of this End of the World Tour (lame name, but whatever). Job for a Cowboy gave their best performance I've seen to this day. I've always accused Jon Rice of lacking tightness on the drum kit, but he tore it up this time. For once, they also had lowered the kick drum triggers in the mix and my ears were thankful. The guitar sound was still a bit muddy, but it was better than what I was expecting. The only one who seemed to have trouble with his performance was Jonny Davy. He had trouble getting the right volume and tone with his growls, but these are the hazards of touring in a death metal band - and going bottoms up with Jack Daniels' on stage. He really should take it easy on alcohol and try to save his voice a bit, but whatever. He still gave a good show. The band was brutal and muscly as always. Fuck, Tony Sannicandro has become so huge it makes no sense. The Arizona boys got outplayed by Cephalic Carnage, but it still was fun to hear the doomy crushing closer of their newest record, "Tarnished Gluttony" and the song that made me discover them back in the day with this classic Spongebob video. It was karate fest in the pit during "Knee Deep", but there was no tension - everyone had a good time. The show ended pretty early, but I didnt compalin since it was monday. I was already tired by my trip to New York to see D.R.I. this weekend and I felt pulled by my bed.

Cephalic Carnage

Warbots A.M.
Abraxas of Filth
Kill for Weed
Raped by an Orb
Divination and Volition
Endless Cycle of Violence
Lucid Interval
Black Metal Sabbath

Job for a Cowboy

Entombment of a Machine
Imperium Wolves
Unfurling a Darkened Gospel
Children of Deceit
Tarnished Gluttony
Regurgitated Disinformation
Knee Deep
Constitutional Masturbation
8/6 - SubRosa
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