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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
You know what, it probably will get nominated. And maybe win. Wrestling fans can always find something wrong with anything.

After I posted last night I remebered two other good nominees:
- AJ Lee, a lot of people tell me she's good but what I've seen has been cringe-worthy
- Hornswaggle as the Mystery GM, I can't remember if this was revealed this year, but if it was then it's a clear-cut winner.
AJ is good on the mic and is playing her metally unstable character pretty well. She's also pretty solid in the ring to but the WWE won't let her show that since they want her to play the annoying underdog role and only win with surprise rollups. Because that will give her in ring credibility over actually having her wrestle, fuckin idiot Vince. She would be better off in TNA where they actually care about their female performers and let them wrestle. Same goes for Eve, Layla and Natalya. The pay maybe better but they're wasting all the years they trained to become decent female wrestlers by sticking around in the WWE.

Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
It just wasn't a year where something jumped at you as so terrible.
It also wasn't a year where anything jumped out that was that great either. Punk's long title run should've meant so much more than it has. I love that he's held the belt this long but they've made me lose all interest in it now that I know Dwayne is gonna come back and beat him and make the loss very anticlimatic. That pretty much explains the whole year though, a few good things did happen but overall the WWE just didn't make them as memorable as they could've.

All you need to know about how bad 2012 was for the WWE is that they botched Jericho's return. His whole run this year did nothing for anybody. Seriously, how the hell do you fuck up a Jericho return? They tried to salvage it by having him turn face in the end but it didn't last long enough to mean anything.

Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
I was at the Rumble. Diesel returning = Markout moment of the year.
The reaction he got was so loud on TV, how did it sound being there in person?

Yet, another thing the WWE botched recently. They could've captilized on the reaction he got at the Rumble and gave Nash a nice little sendoff match as Diesel at Wrestlmania. Instead they came up with that stupid angle with Punk/HHH which didn't make any sense and completely killed Punk's momentum and made Nash look like a complete idiot.

Vince just has no fuckin clue anymore.
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