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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
I went to the first Mayhem Fest in 2008, skipped 09 & 10, and had tickets for both 11 & 12, but sold them both on the day of because they both ended up being the hottest fucking days of the year. My fat ass + 106 degree heat index = death. Wasn't too upset though, was only interested in Motorhead and Anthrax, and I've seen them both in much smaller venues. Do I dare ask how bad the traffic was getting to the venue & getting out of the parking lot?
This year seriously wasn't even that hot It was in the mid 80's (by the time Anthrax went on it was in the low 80's) and the humidity was far from brutal. The traffic wasn't bad at all, my friends and I got stuck in a little bit of traffic getting there, but we were out of the parking lot within 10 minutes of getting back to my buddy's car after Slipknot.
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