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35. Anathema - Weather Systems

One of the most introspective releases of the year. Very deep, atmospheric at points, and overall, beautiful. This album is not one that I could listen to everyday, and even when it comes on shuffle, it has to get skipped. It has to be listened to in the right context. However, even with this 'constraint' the record shows it strengths right in the beginning, all the way until the end. Very few albums can make me say that they would mess with my emotions if listened to frequently. Now one might say that they wouldn't bother listening to an album if it just makes them depressed, but if that is the reason then there is some masochism going on. In my opinion, it is a testament to the emotion released from the songs that the listener's emotion responds immediately. Unless your heart is made of stone, there is no way I can believe that someone who absorbs the track below with earnest listening wouldn't transcend into some point in their life that results in outbursts of emotion, for one reason or another. Bold statement? I suppose, but to emphasize the aforementioned point, this is not an album for everyday casual listening. In the right moment, it can really stimulate you. Give it a go if you dare.


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