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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
L.A. Guns-L.A. Guns
Skyscraper-David Lee Roth
Savage Amusement-Scorpions
Operation: Mindcrime-Queensryche
Open Up And Say...Ahh!-Poison
Battalions Of Fear-Blind Guardian
OU812-Van Halen
In God We Trust-Stryper
Long Cold Winter-Cinderella
Wide Awake In Dreamland-Pat Benatar
Out Of This World-Europe
...And Justice For All-Metallica
New Jersey-Bon Jovi
Blow My Fuse-Kix
Keeper Of The Seven Keys,Part 2-Helloween
No Rest For The Wicked-Ozzy Osbourne
Rattle And Hum-U2
G N' R Lies-Guns N' Roses
85% of those albums suck poopy diapers.
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