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Sonata Arctica -- Worcester, MA -- December 7th, 2012

Sonata Arctica
The Palladium
Worcester, MA
Dec. 7, 2012

There were two support bands: Black Trip and Arsis. I know practically nothing about either of them, so I don't know what they played.

Only the Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)
Black Sheep
Alone in Heaven
Shitload of Money
The Gun
The Day
I Have a Right
The Last Amazing Grays
Last Drop Falls
Paid in Full
Losing My Insanity
(Keyboard Solo)
Full Moon
Don't Say a Word

There was also a guitar solo in there somewhere between Shitload of Money and Last Amazing Grays.

The crowd was pretty small, maybe 500 people or so, and the venue was freezing (odd for a place nicknamed the HOTladium).

Show started at 8. Black Trip came out first, followed by Arsis. I didn't catch set times for them, but Sonata Arctica came on around 10-ish, maybe a little before. They played for about an hour and half. The sound was little low for my taste, especially the vocals (all three bands had that problem). But overall though they put on a pretty good show, despite a spectacularly mediocre setlist.
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