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12. Mayhem Festival

Bill (bands I saw): Slipknot, Slayer, Motorhead, Anthrax
Venue: Comcast Center
City: Mansfield, MA
Date: Friday, August 3, 2012

Before I start the review, I'm gonna bash this fest a little. I really don't like these types of events, since I feel they just pick the trendiest bands and don't care about real talent (I know they are just trying to make money, but still). Plus, I feel the best metal shows are in clubs and theaters, big amphitheaters and parking lots just feel too impersonal. Lastly, the venue is WAY too pricey and there always seem to be more assholes at these bigger shows. (, I know)

Although I had my reservations, I decided to go since I am a fan of Slayer, Anthrax, and Motorhead. Also, my friend who I went with is a big Slipknot fan and had never seen them, and I had never seen Slayer, a band I HAD to see. So, I went with my brother and my friend, and we ended up having an awesome time. Going to shows with a group makes things more memorable, and we made a full day out of it, so it was a fun day.

We got there during As I Lay Dying. I don't mind them, but I have seen them before at Heavy MTL, and didn't care to see them again from far away. So, we looked at merch and got drinks and stuff, then headed over to watch Anthrax. We were still pretty far away, but I didn't mind cause I could still see the stage and hear the music (plus I wanted to stick closely to the Rockstar tent to get free drinks . They played the standard songs, but I like those songs a lot so that's okay. They didn;t really get a full "headliner" set like it seemed they would, but I was satisfied with what I saw. One of these days I gotta see them headline though.

I skipped Asking Alexandria , and headed down to the pit for Motorhead. Pit tix are expensive for Mayhem, but I had to do it for my first time seeing Slayer, and watching Motorhead from up close if fucking cool . Lemmy is the ultimate badass, and my third time seeing them was great. They played a good set, not all that oringinal, but whatever (starting with "Bomber" is awesome). Fun stuff, and I will always be happy to see Motorhead.

Up next was the highlight for me, SLAYER . My first time seeing them, and it was amazing. The stage setup was cool with the flaming logo and the inverted cross amps, and the band sounded great. They were so heavy! The setlist pretty much covered all the main songs that i would expect to hear, but it was okay for me since I hadn't heard any of them live before. I jumped in the pit a few times, which was not as big as I expected, but was stil rough since there were a few wannabe tough guys just looking to throw people around. Awesome show either way, there is a reason Slayer are such legends in the metal world.

Slipknot came on last, and I am gonna be honest, I was not really even looking forward to it. I had already seen the main event for me, and I have never really even been a big Slipknot fan. They came out to a hugely positive response from the crowd, and the stage setup had a lot going on. As I expected, I just couldn't get into them. They sounded good I guess for people who like them, but they are just not my thing. Plus, I think the Clown is one of the biggest tools in metal. My friend who likes Slipknot loved their performance though, so it's all about what you're into.

Despite the fact that I can't stand what Mayhem is (corporate metal tour extravaganza), I have had a good time the past two years I have been. Still, something felt off about it this year. I liked the bands, but the atmosphere just isn't what I'm into anymore. I just would rather see a smaller band put on a passionate performance to a small room of dedicated fans than see the most popular bands in the genre play to a massive crowd full of casual fans just there because it's the biggest, most popular metal tour right now. It is gonna take the most amazing lineup ever for me to go next year, and based on the rumors I do not see it happening at all. Sorry for my ranting, I saved it for here instead of the Mayhem Fest thread .
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