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8. Saint Vitus

May 27
The Sonar (Baltimore, MD)
Maryland Deathfest X

Number 8 on the list... THE MIGHTY SAINT VITUS! This was my second time seeing Saint Vitus, and there is no other way that I would prefer to see them.... than in a "rain storm" (also known as 'light showers' in Seattle ).

Saint Vitus played on the final night of Maryland Deathfest, and during their set it started to rain. While everyone ran for cover I stood there, in amazement. I had seen Saint Vitus last year on the Metalliance Tour, and honestly, I wasn't too familiar with their music, but it was still a great show. So going into MDF, I knew I was expecting a great performance... but it was far beyond what I expected.

Doom + Shitty Weather =

If you were at MDF this year, you know how (dare I say?) magical the performance was. It was hard to put them so low, especially since I feel their show outshined the next band I will be reviewing by quite a bit (whom was also at MDF). If you miss these guys anytime they tour then you are missing out.
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