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13. Corrosion of Conformity

Bill: Corrosion of Conformity, Torche, Black Cobra, Gaza
Venue: The Middle East (downstairs)
City: Cambridge, MA
Date: Saturday, June 23, 2012

I used not not be a big fan of stoner/sludge stuff, but it has really grown on me in the last year or so, and now I like a good amount of stuff of that style. I wasn't really that big into any of these bands before the show, but I saw the listing on the venue's website and decided I would check it out. While listening to the bands before the show to prepare, I knew I was in for a good time. I ended up enjoying the show even more than I thought I would.

I walked in while Gaza was playing. As soon as I walked in, I could see the singer on the floor, towering over everone else. They put on a solid show, and I liked their sound even better live than I do on record. The singer seemed a little crazy, but in an awesome way. I would definitely see them again, and I'm kinda bummed I missed them a few weeks ago.

Black Cobra was up next, and they played pretty good sludge. I wasn't familiar with their songs, but they got me nodding my head along, and I liked them a lot. The crowd seemed into them, but nobody was moving around or anything. Must have been some before the show for most of the crowd haha.

Torche played next, and the place was pretty much filled up at this point. It definitely seemed like a lot of the crowd was there mostly for them. I am a big fan of their catchy, poppy stoner sound. The songs are fun but can get heavy too, which is awesome. Still not much movement from the crowd, but lots of people were headbanging and everyone was having a great time. I have gotten into them a lot more since this show, so they certainly won me over

COC headlined, and I was pretty pumped to see them. They played a good mix of their crossover stuff, their sludgy stuff, and stuff off their new album. They got the crowd moving a little bit (mostly just one guy and a couple others here and there), which was good for me because I don't like just standing around the whole show, that gets boring . Their songs sounded great live, they're another band I think I sounded even better live than on record. All the songs from throughout their career were fun to hear. Overall great show that got me into some bands I hadn't listened to that much before the show.
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