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9. Abigail Williams

Sometime in September
McCoy's Tavern (Olympia, WA)

Here is the long awaited NUMBER NINE. Abigail Williams

Now many of you may be asking "WUHDUHFUG!?", well to be honest, they were higher on my list, until I re-read it and thought it back over. Now, what the hell made this such an awesome show? And honestly, I do not know! Just something about the atmosphere that A.W. brought with them during this performance was amazing. Plus, my band got to play it!

The venue, McCoy's Tavern, is a the dive of all dive bars. The bathroom doesn't have any locks on the doors, and the shitter is out in the open, while the urinal is tucked back. You go in there to take the Brown's to the Super Bowl, you better hope that no one opens the door, or else you will be giving a free peep show. While we were setting up our gear, we noticed a hole in the floor of the stage!! And this place knew how to earn Pantera points, because on the wall to the side of the stage was a HUGE AMERICAN FLAG .

Now I got a bit side tracked, sorry, but as I said, I really am not sure what made their performance so memorible. I know they got a ton of shit for genre hopping, but I really hope they stick to this style, because they definitely bring it live, even as a 3-piece, and do not need to be a a big 5-6 piece with a keyboardist. And as an added bonus, Ken is a super nice dude and totally chill.
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