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This is a quick rundown of my top 10 songs of the year. I didn’t put too much thought into this, it’s just for fun. I tried to leave it at a maximum of 2 songs per band.

1. Rush – The Wreckers

A fantastic song with an insanely catchy chorus. The lyrics are great, the melodies are awesome, and it came off superb live as well. My favorite song of the year.

2. Testament – Cold Embrace
I love the fact that they did something different for this song. Chuck sounds great and this is probably my favorite song off the album. I wish they’d do it live.

3. Gojira – Liquid Fire
A really technical track. I love the robot vocals.

4. Soundgarden – Live To Rise

This song is catchy as hell and has more of a metallic feel to it than most of King Animal. I would have liked to have a few more tracks in the vein of this one on the album.

5. Iron Maiden – The Talisman (Live)
Phenominal live version, Bruce just nails this song. I’m so glad I got to see this along with the other Final Frontier tracks in Florida. I doubt they’ll ever do this one or When The Wild Wind Blows again and they were easily the highlights of the night.

6. Rush - Seven Cities of Gold
The bass intro is sweet and the chorus is great. I saw the live debut of this song and it was awesome.

7. Testament – Native Blood

Catchy, riffy, and great.

8. Kiss – Freak
This is just really catchy. I’d like to hear them do this one live and I think it’d go over well.

9. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away

A great sounding track vocally and easily the best off the album.

10. Rush - Headlong Flight

A great single from an even better album. It’s heavy, it’s technical, it’s got cool lyrics. It’s just an all-around great song.

11. Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage

Another great song from the new Gojira album. I’d say they’re the best modern extreme metal band there is.

12. Blaze Bayley – Dimebag
The best song off the album. The lyrics seem pretty cheesy if you just read them but in the context of the song they’re not bad. The vocals here are really good and this song has some of the better instrumentation on the album.

13. Black Country Communion – Big Train
A really strong and catchy opener. My favorite song on the album.

14. Soundgarden – Rowing
This song is kinda weird but I really like it. The lyrics are awesome and Chris sounds really good.

15. Lamb of God – Ghost Walking

Love the intro and the rest of the song is nice and heavy.

Final three albums and the final top 10 list coming next.
6/17 - Meshuggah
6/28 - Iron Maiden - Bergen, Norway
6/29 - Blaze Bayley - Bergen, Norway
7/1 - Iron Maiden - Luxembourg
10/31 - Fleetwood Mac
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