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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
272.) Angel Witch- As Above, So Below[/b]

Another album I am shocked no one is talking about considering they were one of the founders of the NWOBHM. This is such a great Heavy Metal album. As it should be it sounds just like it came out of the late 70s/early 80s. I hope there are some kids out there who were looking up music stumbled upon this album and will enjoy it because the founders of the NWOBHM don't seem to get noticed anymore which is a damn shame, considering they are writing music of this caliber. put on your studded vest, slam some beer, and enjoy Angel Witch!
That's exactly how I found Angel Witch's self-titled album like 5 years ago.

Reflections. That was that band that opened up the Milwaukee Summer Slaughter, right? I didn't really like them at all, but good for them for going places.

I'm glad that someone else actually really liked Ensiferum's new album. No one else seemed to at all.
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