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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Can someone explain to me what the hell the Jets are doing? Mark Sanchez sucks. They pull him last week and put McIlroy in and win. This week they start him again, Tebows injury is better so he's backup and McIlroy sits?

Did they invest a ton of money in him? Is he a first round pick and they don't want to look stupid? Is there some good pick coming in the draft they want?

Because first rounder or most expensive player or not, it's time to cut your losses.

I'm glad I'm a Patriots fan.
That's the reason they made the deal to get Tebow. In case Sanchez kept regressing they could just put Tebow in. If he was healthy he would no doubt be the starter now. Sanchez will always get a chance to prove himself because he was the fifth pick overall and he did have some success with the Jets his first couple years in the league. I believe Sanchez can go to another team and find success again. It's just not working out with the Jets but then again nothing really ever does with that franchise.

So, DisposableJustice, it looks like you were a little off on that Eagles super bowl win huh? Who would've thought they would be this bad though?
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