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37. Neal Morse - Momentum

I'd never really heard solo Neal Morse until I heard Flying Colors, and I must say I can't be shocked at the similarities. Prog of course, but very clean and poppy, to a degree. I very much enjoy the music, and his songwriting skills are undeniably strong. What one thinks of his music is a different story. I haven't paid any attention to his lyrics, but I as I said before, that does little for me. The main detracting factor is the longevity of the songs; when a song is 10+ minutes long and I am not looking at the time, you know you did something right. I cannot say that is the case with Neal Morse. The two longest songs drag on for a bit, and that's something I hate to see in talented prog. Maybe it's just me, but what can you do? If you like prog rock, definitely give this one a spin.


"Momentum" -
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