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Yeah, I don't watch WWE or TNA at all anymore but I follow on the internet and usually have a good idea what is going on. And usually there are a few good nominees and one clear cut winner (I knew Micheal Cole was going to win in 2011 after his horrible commentary at the Royal Rumble). But this year I've really heard nothing all that bad.

Maybe some of the love affair storylines that I haven't heard anything too bad about. The Royal Rumble this year was jobberiffic, but I don't think it was Gooker material. Heath Slater getting beat up by Legends every week? I've heard that Aces & Eights stuff in TNA is bordering on ridiculous. Maybe Ryback or Funkasaurus? I bet it's Funkasaurus or Aces & Eights. Or it will be a "joke" Gooker (is that even possible) and Mae Young and Mark Henrys love child all grown up will be the winner.
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