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You know I will say this TNA made a bigger recovery than anyone expected to. That company should have died halfway through last year. It's one thing to get rid of Russo, it's another thing to actually find a guy to properly carry a company (Bobby Roode).

and Sanitarium78, you're really gonna go by Kevin Nash logic?

as for Wrestlecrap, I'm waiting for them to come up with the damn gooker nominees. Honestly, this year hasn't been too awful. I think the biggest offenders are the shoot DVD companies. Between Kayfabe commentaries idiotic decision to let Russo rebook the invasion (gee I wonder if that's a shot across the bow)l and RFvideos disguting attempt at making video seeming like New Jack and Balls Mahoney are gonna kill each other, shoot DVD comapnies have been worse than wrestling angles.
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