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Greg Puciato on Concept Albums: "You're missing the fucking point"

“If you play aggressive music and you’re trying to get some grand point across you’re missing the fucking point. Be selfish not pretentious. If you’re “screaming” I wanna feel immediacy & emotion about YOU. Don’t “scream” at me about outer space or some Orwellian sci-fi shit. Rather hear a kid scream “fuck you parents & teachers” over sloppy grind than some 30yr old scream pseudo philosophy over guitar center wank”

I know this isn't tour news, but I was curious to see what others felt about this statement. It seems to be a blatant shot at BTBaM. Even if it wasn't a cheap shot, I couldn't disagree more with his point. Some of the greatest metal albums are concept albums. What do you guys think? Does story have a place in metal?
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