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271.) Whoretopsy- They Did Unspeakable Things

Yes this band sounds a lot like the similar named Cryptopsy, although nowhere near as technical. Lyrically, there is almost no difference as you can tell by the song titles, just more comedic.It's a very solid Death Metal album with Chris Barnes style vocals. that kinda kills it for me, but the music makes up for, which is something Six Feet Under could never do.These guys are young so it will take a while for them to develop their sound more, but this is a great album to start off with.


272.) Angel Witch- As Above, So Below

Another album I am shocked no one is talking about considering they were one of the founders of the NWOBHM. This is such a great Heavy Metal album. As it should be it sounds just like it came out of the late 70s/early 80s. I hope there are some kids out there who were looking up music stumbled upon this album and will enjoy it because the founders of the NWOBHM don't seem to get noticed anymore which is a damn shame, considering they are writing music of this caliber. put on your studded vest, slam some beer, and enjoy Angel Witch!


273.) Reflections- The Fantasy Effect

There is no way around it. This is the textbook definition of a Djent Metal band. These guys are from the twin Cities and are about to be picked up to Sumerian Records. the drummer is actually 17, which blows my mind. I could go into a Djent rant, but I will save that for a Facebook post or something. These guys are a great band who are young and developing into their own sound. I love what they are doing and they will only get bigger and better. Maybe you'll dig them too.


274.) Old Man Gloom- NO

Now this is what I expect from the breakup of Isis. Yes the band has been around for well over a decade, but they are just now starting to get noticed after the breakup of Isis. it also helps it's their first album in 8 years. The album is even more heavy and experimental than Isis, which when you hear it, is a good thing. Aaron Turner seems to have a few new pots cooking band wise and this is the best of them all currently going. As I keep eluding to Isis fans should love this album to death, I know I do.


275.) Soundgarden- King Animal

They've been away for too long (haha, get it?). This album is definitely killer. the songwriting is topnotch, which is tradition in Canada...I mean Soundgarden. I do have one beef with the album...the track order. Every song is awesome, but it really starts to mellow out about half way through the album and it gets very slow all the action packed songs are in the first half. If they had switched up the order, the album would have been unstoppable, it still is, but its a big factor to me. Regardless, Soundgarden is back and kicking just as much ass as ever. get this now!


276.) Mnemic- Mnemisis

Although I haven't been much of a fan since the Audio Injected Soul (actually the only album from Mnemic I love all the way through) I will always give them a chance because they helped me get into Modern Industrial, and Proto-Djent Metal. I hate saying this but they sound so very watered down now a days. This album in particular sounds like they knew The Audio Injected Soul was their best album and they tried to remake it. The problem is that they lost several of their key members that make that sound come alive, so it doesn't come off anywhere near as good. I can't say it's disappointing as I wasn't expecting much, but it would have been refreshing to enjoy a Mnemic album again. Oh well.


277.) Blut Aus Nord- 777- Cosmosophy

Where has this been been all my life. I didn't even know about them until I got the promo for this album and I instantly feel in love. Its experimental Black Metal, but not in the way you would imagine. it's very 80s Electronic sounding at times and the lack of Screams also helps in this regard (although there is some, just not a lot). Almost as if The Cure made a Black Metal album. Its not an album that can be enjoyed all the time but when the mood is right, nothing is better. I love this band, check them out!


278.) Veil Of Maya- Eclipse

On their previous albums, I could not get into Veil Of Maya. After seeing them live and getting this album. I still have my reserves, but they are getting better. Another band that fits well in the Djent category. It still has some of their Deathcore sound they are known for, which I do not dig much. But this is pretty cool stuff for what it is. Not much of a fan, but they are getting better.


279.) Cloudscape- New Era

If Nevermore started playing in the style of Dream Theater and Pagan's Mind. I am pleasently surprised by this album. For me its hard to find Progressive Power Metal that I can really, really dig, and so far, Cloudscape.Its quite dynamic. When its heavy it is damn heavy, when its epic, it gets damn epic I highly recommend this for the Progressive Power Metal fans, you aren't going to find anything this good int he genre until the next Pagan's Mind album.


280.) A Sound Of Thunder- Out Of The Darkness

There is not much sexier than a female singer who can wail like Bruce Dickinson. In my own sick twisted mind, Halestorm should have went in this direction so they could have had some respect left. At least A Sound Of Thunder does it and does it well. Awesome Heavy Metal and early day Power Metal rolled into one. And again, no operatic vocals like Nightwish, which scores automatic win points for me. by the time of their next album, I hope they can make it onto more tours and get some recognition, they deserve it.


280 albums down and still 6.81 GBs of music to go, without including my Top 20. And to think, if I had a girlfriend I wouldn't have even heard 28 albums this year. haha
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