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38. Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline

Sixth release from Lacuna Coil, and a much better one than its predecessor. Catchier tunes, well produced, and overall...better. There are some guitar solos here and there, as well as some clear Karmacode influence (which is my favorite album of theirs). The factor that is not present is consistency, however. As with the last album, there are a handful of, not good, but amazing tracks. Conversely as bad are all the rest. They just lack inspiration and don't pack the same punch the others do. This isn't going to attract a new fanbase, but I feel it has people on the edge still on the edge. As I said before, consistency is the missing key to this band's true potential. I'm not asking for AC/DC consistency, but something better than what's going on now.


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