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The Rega RP-1 is the turntable I've got and it kicks some serious ass. It was $400 three years ago.

You really want to be careful with the cheapo turntables that are out there. Pretty much every USB TT has a built in preamp that might be impossible to bypass or even worse yet, might have a stylus or cartridge that is impossible to remove and upgrade (my first TT, a Sony PS-LX250H was like that in that the cartridge was not removable, but you could bypass the built-in preamp).

illuminatus offered good advice- spend your cash on a nice turntable and preamp/receiver and get a pair of hifi speakers from mom and dad or a garage sale or something.

The sad thing about metal vinyl is that 90% of the releases in on the market are bullshit in the sense that they're sourced from CD masters. Profound Lore is an example of a label that consistently does a great job, but stuff like Back on Black you want to run the fuck away from (with the exception of their Thin Lizzy reissues, which are supposed to be awesome).

Edit: DethMaiden, if you don't believe me on the "bottom up" theory, take a look at the engineering credits for 17th Street by Hammers of Misfortune and The Tenant by Ludicra. That guy was the one who taught me that rule.

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