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261.) Katatonia- Dead End Kings

Another album that was in my top 20 and definitely still deserves to be, but it did get knocked out for one other album. Over the last few albums Katatonia has really added a Tool inspired Dark Progressive Metal sound which unlike Tool, I love. While this isn't my favorite Katatonia album, this has some of their best songs and every song in general is completely solid and perfect in their own ways. It's a phenomenal album that should be appreciated. I see why it's already in so many people's top 20. It took one album to knock it out of mine.


262.) The Sword- Apocryphon

I am in awe of how many people don't like Warp Riders. I think that is their crow2ning achievement. Its one of the most solid Prog Rock albums I have heard in a long time. On Apocryphon, they are continuing on with similar themes to Warp Riders, but going all across the board musically. It is still the Sludgy, Sabbath style that got them notoriety, but they are venturing off to new lands and different styles as well. To me, it is a very damn good album that a lot of people are already forgetting about, I think the late release of the album has something to do with it sadly. But to those who hear it, they should love it. But I gotta say again, they may never top Warp Riders in my eyes.


263.) Storm Corrosion- Storm Corrosion

Steven Wilson and Mikael Akerfeldt together again to make their first full length album together. You'd think this would be the greatest album of the year based on these two working together..........totally not the case. What I get from this album is that it is a lot like a Tim Burton Soundtrack to an atmospheric depressing album without Johnny Depp. In other words.....BORING! there are only two dynamics to this album, laid back, atmospheric acoustic depressing folk vibe.....and a quick 2 minutes drum solo (that's it for drums on the entire album) An EP or just a couple tracks of this style would have been perfect, but since it is a full length album, it goes on for way too long and goes absolutely nowhere. I knew going into this album it would be either a masterpiece or a bomb, and in my eyes, BOOOOOM. My biggest disappointment of the year. I still prefer it over other albums I have heard, but this made me sad in the wrong way.


264.) Wilton & Akerstache- Storm Corrosion (Of Love And Emotion)

Now THIS is the album I wish Storm Corrosion would have been. It is the cheesiest Prog Rock/80s Electronic album ever made. It is hilarious. The vocals are of Rick Astley style bad (so bad it's awesome) and the music behind it, once you get past the parody aspect, is actually damn good. Its very impressive musicianship (from one guy) and songwriting. And it has the exact same tracklisting as the album, Storm Corrosion. If you are not a Porcupine Tree or Opeth fan, you will not get this album at all or find it funny, but if you are. This is a hidden, FREE gem that you will love. STORM CORROSION OF LOVE AND EMOOOOOOTION, BAY-BAY-UH!!!


265.) A Life Once Lost- Ecstatic Trance

A Life Once Lost has always been one of the those bands that I never really got into despite the talent I do hear, and on this album it is still the case. It's not bad by any means, just not my bag. A Life Once Lost has always been one of the bands that never really got recognition either for their style of Groove Metalcore, but they are still hard at work and kicking ass everywhere. I do wish i could get into it more, and maybe in time I will, but for fans of Groove Metal and Metalcore, if you haven't heard it yet, check it out, it may be right up your alley.


266.) Hooded Menace- Effigies of Evil

Dark, evil, Doom Metal in the style of early day Paradise Lost. I know they have some good notoriety over in the UK, I wish that would come over to the states as well. This is a fantastic, well thought out, Doom Metal album. Unlike a lot of Doom Metal albums, there is a lot of tempo changes on this album and it helps make the album that much more fun to listen to. Its deep and heavy and above all else, very underrated. check this out for one of the best damn Doom Metal albums of the year!


267.) OSI- Fire Make Thunder

OSI lost my interest on their last album, Blood, but because I love Kevin Moore for everything he has done with Dream theater on the 3 albums he was a part of, I will always give his work a chance. This album is like the newest All That Remains album.....Better? Even with the fantastic line up on this album, it does nothing for me. When you got past and present members of Fates Warning, Dream theater and Porcupine tree on an album you expect it to kick ass. And for many people it does. To me, it does nothing. It's better than Blood, but not by much.


268.) To-Mera- Exile

If Evergrey was a Female Fronted band, they would be To-Mera. These guys are a killer band that I wish more people would check out. Exile is a great starting point. It captures pretty much everything there is to know about the band in one album. Its Dark, heavy and proggy, with fantastic vocals. Check them out if you were at anytime an Evergrey fan, you will not be disappointed (No operatic female vocals, which is another huge plus).


269.) Pelican- Ataraxia/Taraxis

This short, but sweet EP from the Instrumental Post Metal band showcases the shorter side to Pelican's sound they have developed over the years. It's more to the point and even heavier than before. 4 songs and 5 seconds shy of 18 minutes long. This is a great intro to get into this abnd if you have not already. they are one of the finest Post Metal bands going.


270.) Black Country Communion- Afterglow

Like all supergroups, BCC is all but over at this point, which sucks. This is probably my favorite of the 3 BCC albums. It is such killer Classic Rock done with a modern edge. Maybe there is a way for this band to keep going strong but it is not looking good at this point. Check this out if you want to hear some of the finest Hard Rock and Classic Rock you'll hear from the 2000s (and of course their first two albums as well).


I would normally be doing 20 albums. But I'm starting to feel sick as a dog, so I'm going to take a nap and hopefully feel better tonight.
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