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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I don't even think TNA is a blip on the radar.
They are a very small one but you can't have well known guys like Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle and Sting and not be known just a little bit. TNA does do better than the WWE in the UK. I guess they actually like to see an enteraining wrestling show over there. TNA beats the WWE in TV viewing every week and in show attendence when they tour there. It's not much but at least it's expanding the audience for TNA.

ROH on the other hand is so far off the radar they might as well not even exist. I mean when Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas and Jay Lethal are you're companies most well known names, you're not exactly selling too many tickets. Yeah, they have good wrestlers but most of them are what Kevin Nash would refer to as "vanilla midgets". They put on good matches but have no character or personality that separates them from 100 other wrestlers out there who can do the same thing. The company is so fucked up that they had Ryhno and didn't even know how to use him properly. I'm a little behind on ROH so I have no clue if he's still around or not. But in a company so bland, how you don't make him a champion is just fucking stupid.

In the video below, this guy does a video presentation about CM Punk which is pretty cool:
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