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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I think there are a lot of people who'd be interested in buying the WWE. I'd say you were crazy for buying TNA or ROH but the WWE still makes money.

But I know, there will always be McMahons. Hopefully Shane comes back and puts an end to all this movie and social-media bullshit they're into these days and just goes back to what they're good at: wrestling.
The WWE is so huge though that the risk of buying it, not to mention what it would cost might not be worth it if it goes under. TNA and ROH are worth a lot less and might be the better investment overall because if it doesn't work out whoever purchased it would not take as huge of a financial hit.

TNA would benefit huge from a big financial backer who could spend the money to market them. Their roster is vastly superior to the WWE's and ROH's right now. They're also the wrestling company of the year, putting on way more entertaining weekly TV shows that puts what WWE has been doing this past year to shame. Every TNA PPV also garuntees you a couple of matches on the card that are easily three or four star matches. If they had a marketing machine behind them this year the WWE would've been in serious trouble. Hopefully that can happen for them in the coming year. The only way for Vince to wake up and change is for another company to rise up and start kicking his ass like WCW did in 1996. But even then it took Vince a year or so for the change to fully take place.

ROH isn't even a blip on the radar right now. Yes, they got a weekly TV show now but it's just so fucking boring. You'd be beyond stupid to invest anything in it.
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