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Killswitch Engage -- St. Petersburg, FL -- December 4th, 2012

I had been awaiting this day ever since I first heard "Numbered Days" by Killswitch Engage almost 10 years ago, they were basically the band that got me into modern metal, and once i first heard about this tour back in late September i was ecstatic. Once the doors opened and we were let in, i headed straight for the stage and awaited the first band. I had never previously listened to the opening band Acaro so i wasn't sure what to expect, as soon as they started the first song they had the whole place going crazy, the way this band ruled the stage and commanded the crowd, it felt like they'd been around for years, they had a very Unearth/Black Dahlia Murder feel but with their own unique touch, i have never been so impressed by a band I'd never listened to beforehand. After Acaro finished it was time for one of metalcore's pioneering bands Shadows Fall, the lights went out and the intro to "The Light That Blinds" started and the crowd roared, and when the song kicked in the crowd went insane, i was beyond impressed with vocalist Brian Fair, not only are his vocals 10x better live than on album, but his connection with the crowd made the experience all that more intense, they played the best set they could have with the time they were given, and ended it on a high note with their cover of Bob Marley's "War" which is one of the best non metal covers I've ever heard. Finally it came the time everyone had been waiting 10 years for, Killswitch Engage with their original vocalist Jesse Leach back, and better than ever. From the opening riff to "A Bid Farewell" to the final chorus of "End Of A Heartache" the crowd was nonstop chaos and filled with crowd surfers. I was blown away, Jesse's vocals are still in top form, and seeing Adam D do what he does was a blast in itself, also i need to say that it's incredible how underrated Justin Foley is, he's a phenomenal drummer. As KsE played on they seemed to get tighter with every song, they had everyone in the room singing along to My Curse and End Of A Heartache to close out the set, even after they walked off stage and the crew began to remove equipment they had the crowd chanting for more, it was an immensely nostalgic show for myself and most of the crowd I'm sure, it was one of the year's best.
I got my "Alive Or Just Breathing" booklet signed by Jesse Leach, my "Threads Of Life" booklet signed by the Shadows Fall vocalist, i got Acaro's album signed by them whole band, got a KsE and SF guitar pick, a SF setlist, and i got a picture with Adam and Jesse from KsE and Brian from SF.

Also I filmed my friend Bradley Dillon interviewing Brian from SF and will post it when i have it up.

A Bid Farewell
Rose Of Sharyn
Numbered Days
Self Revolution
Fixation On The Darkness
My Last Serenade
Life To Lifeless
Just Barely Breathing
To The Sons Of Man
Temple From The Within
Vide Infra
The Element Of One
Without a Name
Rise Inside
My Curse
The End of Heartache

Shadows Fall

The Light That Blinds
The Idiot Box
Weight of the World
King of Nothing
Destroyer of Senses
Still I Rise
Divide and Conquer
War (Bob Marley cover)


This Treachery
Salvations End
Forever Is Temporary
The Disease of Fear
New Shade of Freedom (new song)
Becoming the Process

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