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14. English Dogs

Bill: English Dogs, The Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, Havok
Venue: The Middle East (downstairs)
City: Cambridge, MA
Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012

This was a great punk/metal lineup that I knew I had to be at when it was announced. This show was great, but it probably could have been even better if I wasn't sick that night (It turns out what I had developed into pneumonia, which fucking sucked). I started to feel like shit as the night went on, but all of the bands were awesome.

I got there about halfway into Havok's set. They are a great newer thrash band that I was excited to see. I was a little bummed I missed a few songs, but what I did see was sick, and they were a good way to start this show.

The show only got more punk from here. Toxic Holocaust came on next, and they are one of my favorite newer thrash bands, if not my favorite. Their black n punk style of thrash is perfect for me, and the songs just have so much energy. They played a decent setlist and made excellent use of their shorter set time. They were the only band I was able to really move around for, but I was second from the stage, so it was pretty damn fun!

The Casualties came on next. A lot of people hate on this band, but I like them. Yeah its true I found out about them form hearing "Unknown Soldier" in Tony Hawh Underground 2 (great game series btw, i used to live for playing tose games), but I have gotten into them since then and I am a fan. Hearing them play live is awesome, they put on a great show and have lots of energy onstage. Too bad I couldn't get into them more though .

English Dogs closed out the show, playing their Forward into Battle album in its wntirety. I really started listening to them to prepare for the tour, and I started to really like that album. So, hearing the whole thing live was certainly a treat . I started to really feel awful towards the end though, and had to duck out a little early, which I never like to do. But, it was still a sick show, and I am glad I was able to fight the pain for a few hours, even if it wasn't the healthiest decision haha.

Going to work now, I'll work on this more another time!
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