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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
That's probably the best option but I'd really want to see all traces of McMahon gone. I still think Stephanie is an absolute moron.
Who takes over if it's not passed down from one generation of McMahon's to the next? It has to be to somebody the McMahon's trust more than anyone in their family. Wrestling isn't doing that good of buisness right now, so nobody would be nuts enough to buy it from the McMahon's and take that huge of a risk. I think if Vince does step down, Shane would probably return and be given back whatever he was set up for before he left.

Sorry, but the WWF/E has always belonged to the McMahon's and should always stay in that family. Wrestling promotion goes all the way back to Vince's grandfather. Pro wrestling dies in North America if the McMahon family is no longer part of it.
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