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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Triple H should take over the on air product and Stephanie should be in charge of the buisness end of things. I don't know if Triple H has any buisness training or degrees of any kind so he should just stay away from that because it could be fatal to the WWE if he's involved in making buisness decisions if he's not qualified in anyway. You can see that there are things on TV that Triple H has taken charge of though. Punk's really long title reign, the reviving of the tag division, the midcard title holders getting more air time and the women actually having a storyline with the whole "did Eve attack Kaitlyn or not?" thing. He's slowly trying to improve the overall product, something which Vince hasn't cared about in at least a decade now. The reason I know this is Triple H's doing is because it all has an old shcool feel to it and he's a classic wrestling kind of guy.

I knew WWE was in major trouble when Shane left a few years ago. That was pretty shocking because everyone knew that the WWE was eventually going to be handed over to him. Step and Triple H are taking over by default really. Shane said in interviews that he left because it was obvious Vince wasn't stepping down anytime soon, so he decided to leave and pursue other buisness ventures. I don't blame Shane at all either, the guy is in his 40s now, Vince was in his mid 30s when he took over the WWF from his dad. How long was Vince actually expecting Shane to wait for his time to come? Vince is 67 now, please fucking retire already.
That's probably the best option but I'd really want to see all traces of McMahon gone. I still think Stephanie is an absolute moron.
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