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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Top ten time, you low-life scumbags.

10. Grayceon - All We Destroy

Before I launch into this first review of my top ten, I have to be honest. I fucking love this band, and I always have. So, while it's fair to say that it would be hard to imagine me not liking one of their releases, I have to admit that at first listen, I wasn't too sure about some of the songs on this album. I mean, certain tracks such as "Shellmounds" and "A Road Less Traveled" were instant hits in my book, but songs such as "Dreamer Deceived" and "Once a Shadow" took a bit longer to fully embrace. After spending sometime with this incredible album, however, I can honestly say I love every track. It's true, I love some more than others - for example, the ridiculously epic "We Can" is a stone cold fucking classic - but they're all fantastic in their own way. If you've never listened to this band, this album is as good a place to start as any, although I'd probably suggest starting at the beginning of their three-album catalog and moving forward, for the sake of listening to the band's progression over time if nothing else. For example, cellist Jackie Perez Gratz continues to challenge herself vocally with each new release, and she rises to the occasion every time. Drummer Zack Farwell continues to propel this excellent band forward rhythmically with his extremely precise skin work, and guitarist Max Doyle keeps making it look easy by blending seamlessly with Jackie's cello work in a way that's almost organic. In short, this album may only be the band's third, but on it, they demonstrate coherence, synergy and chemistry that bands with twice as many albums are still trying to achieve.

This album is fucking great. I also agree with your post on Disma.
5/5 Boris
5/15 Bosse-de-Nage/Ion
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